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Membership to COHPA is the hallmark of an occupational health provider. Our campaigns, information, and networks will promote an exchange of ideas and new thinking that will contribute to both your business development and also to that of the industry

Open to all commercial providers of occupational health and stake holders providing services.


About Us

Since its formation in 2004, COHPA has become a prominent figure within the OH sector; providing a voice for members and driving key advances. COHPA membership signifies a . . .

What is COHPA doing?


COHPA has been active politically to represent the interests of commercial OH providers to Dame Carol Black, Government and key bodies in the industry.  We have met with Dame Carol and Ministers from DWP /senior HSE (etc) to put our views acros about the future of OH.  We hold seats on Dame Carol's select committee for OH and the Council for Work and Health.

To support membership we continue to organise block discounts for insurance, recruitment services, training and consumables. The Board has set up working groups, each led by a Director, with an end goal to make membership pay for itself.

We will continue to offer members free seminars on subjects of interest. We will repeat our popular series on VAT and OH services.

Overall, COHPA is making good progress in getting the views of the commercial providers to a higher level, we are instrumental in determining the future for our industry.  We do need to be able to tell ministers and others that we represent as many OH providers as possible, in order to demonstrate our credibility.  We also need members to take part in the activities we are pursuing and add their influence to the association.  Therefore, your membership would be important, valued, and give your company a chance to influence the future developments in OH.


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We help hundreds of companies and individuals a year in finding an OH provider that will will not only meet there requirements but our business standards. It could be for that one off referral, an ongoing, or full OH service. This service is free of charge.

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If you are an Occupational Health Provider or provide services or products into the field then join us today. If your turnover is less than £50,000 you can join COHPA for only £175! Payments can now also be made by 12 easy monthly installments by standing order. COHPA is a not-for-profit trade body promoting the benefits of Occupational Health and representing Occupational Health providers. We also offer employers a free support service and have helped hundreds of organisations, covering over ¼ million employees, to find the providers and solutions that meet their needs.

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